Sunday, December 11, 2011

Six Seasons and a Movie: 6 Reasons to Save "Community"

I love “Community”, the brilliant NBC sitcom that’s sadly going on hiatus. “Community” is madly original, every single week. How many shows can you say that about? With a different style, pop culture references, well defined characters, “Community” is funny, sweet and wonderful. Jeff, Abed, Troy, Pierce, Shirley, Annie and Britta, need to be saved. We need to see these characters graduate Greendale Community College. For those of you who don’t watch, “Community”, the show is about a group of students at a community college in Colorado, who start as a study group but end up becoming more like a family.. So, here are the top six reasons why NBC should reconsider and renew “Community” ASAP.

1. The characters- Jeff (Joel McHale) started out as the central character. The show, though, has evolved to become equally about all of them. Jeff gives great speeches, and becomes the anchor of the group, while learning to become more human himself. Troy(Donald Glover) and Abed (Danny Pudi) (we will get to their relationship in a little bit) are wonderful as they form a unusual friendship. Piece (Chevy Chase) is a sweet inclusion into the group because they seem to want him in there even though he is way older than all of them. Shirley (Yvette Nicole Brown) is a sweet character, super religious but realistic as well. Annie (Alison Brie) is the youngest of the group, and is said to have a “Disney” face. Jeff is attracted to her and wants a relationship with her, but they are actually realistic about this. He’s older then her and feels uncomfortable forming a relationship with her. And Britta (Gillian Jacobs) is wonderful with all her odd causes, trying to be the voice of reason of the group but screwing it up. The best part of the characters of “Community” is that they are so realistic. We’ve all known people like them.

2. Abed and Troy’s relationship- In the pilot, Troy was shown as just a former high school jock but he has developed this relationship with Abed, where together, they have built a blanket fort the size of the school, dodged bullets together in paint ball wars, moved in together (Annie eventually moves in too), and bonded over a pop culture nerddom that’s awesome. I’ll be sad if I never hear the words “Troy and Abed in the Morning” ever again.

3. Chevy Chase- It’s just wonderful to see Chevy Chase having such a great time. Chevy Chase’s “Pierce” is such a lovable old guy, who is often considered the villain of the group but also is a beloved member of the group. He’s funny but there’s also sweetness to the character. He’s been in community college for like ten years, but for the first time, in this study group, he makes actual friends. It’s also great seeing a pro like Chevy Chase every week, who works with this younger cast. At the San Diego Comic Con, he said that he was so happy working on this wonderful show.

4. Syndication- NBC might not have a hit on their hands in the original run. And how could they? They put it up against the Big Bang Theory, which is ironic because these two shows have the same audience. As constantly versed on line, if they did have six seasons and a movie, than I bet this show would be a hit in reruns. “Arrested Development” only ran for 53 episodes, and it’s a bigger hit in syndication that ever was during its run. I bet if they made 88 to 120 episodes of “Community”, it would be a bigger hit in reruns than it would ever be on the air. Of course, I think CBS should pick up “Community”, and put it on after “The Big Bang Theory”. I think my TV would explodes from awesomeness if that happened.

5. It’s awesome- They did an episode that brilliantly spoofed “My Dinner with Andre”. Their paint ball wars episodes. Their fake clip show. The Dean going crazy making a commercial for the school. Senior Chang being a security guard. John Goodman as the director of the Air Conditioning department. An anime sequence in the fossball episode. The completely clay animated Christmas episode. And who can forget the six different timelines?

6. And finally, it’s actually a sweet show- The idea that all these misfits would be friends is really believable, and they always come through for each other. What shows these days usually end with the characters really coming through for each other? Like the last episode with the Foos Ball where Shirley and Jeff walk away with each other, reverting back to kids. That was heartwarming. Them throwing the surprise part for Abed. The speech at the end of the fake clip show, where Jeff believes they can form a super group like the Traveling Wilburys of Pain.


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