Saturday, January 14, 2012

Important Message

I was reading an article on Amanda Hocking, a woman who published her novels online and made two million dollars. That’s a rather cool story, but for the rest of us, we all struggle to get our stuff out there. So, let’s help each other out. No, I can’t get you to a publisher or big time movie studio but I can give you a little bit of press on my blog. It’s not the New York Times, but I feel that it’s worth showcasing stuff. Need an un-biased opinion on your latest film or book? I will be able to provide that. Only books and films I feel deserve a positive review will be posted on my site. This is because I don’t want you to go through the trouble of sending me a film or book and then having a bad review published online. If I don’t give your work a good review, I will send you the review privately if you request it. That being said, I do not bite. I will try to give you good criticism, instead of malice. I would love to see your films and writing. I also would be able to give advice to people seeking to start their own writing blogs. Not all films or books will be able to be reviewed, and will not be able to be returned.

Send your videos, DVD’s and books to
Typewriter Riot,
P.O. Box 47
Elizaville, New York 12523.

Thank you, and happy trails

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